"Multigrid Meshing for Full Vehicle Analysis"; Dr. Michael Lautsch (Gastegeber: Eberhard Baensch)

Mai 23
23-05-2019 16:15 Uhr bis 17:15 Uhr

ABSTRACT: The idea of automatic meshing did not end with the emergence of Delaunay meshing in the 1990s. The most challenging question today is: How to mesh an arbitrary number of parts and automatically create a mesh of the impacting surfaces.
We present a method, which sucks to the surfaces iteratively by the rule “bisect edges which hit a surface”. It is very close to the classical Multigrid Meshing but the last step is a Marching Tetra refinement. Looking more closely to this step, it reveals to be a special Multigrid refinement.
LFE Multigrid Meshing  is designed for the vehicle thermal management process for passenger cars.