Preprint-Reihe Angewandte Mathematik

Preprint-Reihe Angewandte Mathematik


Die Preprint-Reihe Angewandte Mathematik des Departments Mathematik erscheint seit 1971; seit 2012 unter der ISSN 2194-5127 (zuvor, von 1998 bis 2012, unter der ISSN 1435-5833).


Wenn Sie als Mitarbeiter des Departments Ihr Manuskript als Preprint in diese Reihe aufgenommen haben möchten, wenden Sie sich bitte an S. Kräutle.



  • Preprint Nr. 415: S. Zech, R. Schulz, N. Ray: Numerical investigations of degenerate equations for fluid flow and reactive transport in clogging porous media, 28.09.2021
    fulltext: pr415.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 414: M. Knodel, S. Kräutle, P. Knabner: Global implicit solver for multiphase multicomponent flow in porous media with multiple gas components and general reactions, 17.08.2021
    fulltext: pr414.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 413: M. Kelm, S. Gärttner, C. Bringedal, B. Flemisch, P. Knabner, N. Ray: Comparison study of phase-field and level-set method for three-phase systems including two minerals, 27.07.2021
    fulltext: pr413.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 412: S. Zech, T. Ritschel, N. Ray, K. U. Totsche, A. Prechtel: Simulation scenarios evaluating the turnover of organic matter driven by microbial population dynamics at the scale of microaggregates, 23.04.2021
    fulltext: pr412.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 411: S. Gärttner, P. Frolkovic̆, P. Knabner, N. Ray: Efficiency of micro-macro models for surface active two-mineral systems, 12.11.2020
    fulltext: pr411.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 410: N. Ray, R. Schulz: Existence and uniqueness of a flow and transport problem with degenerating hydrodynamic parameters, 08.10.2020
    fulltext: pr410.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 409: S. Kräutle, J. Hodai, P. Knabner: Robust simulation of mineral precipitation-dissolution problems with variable mineral surface area (version 2020), 29.07.2020
    fulltext: pr409.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 408: S. Zech, S. Dultz, G. Guggenberger, A. Prechtel, N. Ray: Microaggregation of goethite and illite evaluated by laboratory experiments and mechanistic modeling, 29.05.2020
    fulltext: pr408.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 407: S. Gärttner, P. Frolkovič, P. Knabner , N. Ray: Efficiency and accuracy of micro-macro models for mineral dissolution/precipitation, 25.02.2020
    fulltext: pr407.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 406: M. Knodel, S. Kräutle, P. Knabner: Global implicit solver for multiphase multicomponent flow in porous media with multiple gas phases and general reactions, 31.01.2020
    fulltext: pr406.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 405: M. Heisig, N. Neuss: Optimization and distributed-memory parallelization of the finite element library Femlisp, 15.04.2019
    fulltext: pr405.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 404: S. Kräutle: Existence of global solutions of systems of reactive transport equations with mass action kinetics and species-dependent diffusion, 05.04.2019
    fulltext: pr404.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 403: R. Schulz, N. Ray, S. Zech, A. Rupp, P. Knabner: Beyond Kozeny-Carman: Predicting the permeability in porous media, 20.03.2019
    fulltext: pr403.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 402: S. Kräutle, J. Hodai, P. Knabner: Robust simulation of mineral precipitation-dissolution problems with variable mineral surface area, 04.03.2019
    fulltext: pr402.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 401: F. Frank, A. Rupp, D. Kuzmin: Bound-preserving flux limiting schemes for DG discretizations of conservation laws with applications to the Cahn-Hilliard equation, 18.02.2019
    fulltext: pr401.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 400: N. Ray, J. Oberlander, P. Frolkovic̆: Numerical investigation of a fully coupled micro-macro model for mineral dissolution and precipitation, 18.12.2018
    fulltext: pr400.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 399: A. Rupp, K.U. Totsche, A. Prechtel, N. Ray: Discrete-continuum multiphase model for structure formation in soils including electrostatic effects, 28.05.2018
    fulltext: pr399.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 398: N. Ray, R. Schulz: Derivation of an effective dispersion model for electroosmotic flow involving free boundaries in a thin strip, 31.05.2017
    fulltext: pr398.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 397: M. Gahn, M. Neuss-Radu, P. Knabner: Effective transmission conditions for processes through thin heterogeneous layers with nonlinear transmission at the bulk-layer interface, 24.03.2017
    fulltext: pr397.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 396: M. Gahn, M. Neuss-Radu, P. Knabner: Derivation of effective transmission conditions for domains separated by a membrane for different scaling of membrane diffusivity, 22.03.2017
    fulltext: pr396.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 395: N. Ray, R. Schulz, A. Rupp, P. Knabner: Past and present approaches to calculate hydrodynamic parameters in evolving porous media, 16.12.2016
    fulltext: pr395.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 394: J. Hoffmann, S. Kräutle, P. Knabner: Existence and uniqueness of a global solution for reactive transport with mineral precipitation-dissolution and aquatic reactions in porous media, 15.11.2016
    fulltext: pr394.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 393: N. Ray, A. Rupp, A. Prechtel: Discrete-continuum continuum multiscale model for transport, biofilm development and solid restructuring in porous media, 26.09.2016
    fulltext: pr393.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 392: M. Gahn, M. Neuss-Radu: A characterization of relatively compact sets in L^p(Ω, B), 29.04.2016
    fulltext: pr392.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 391: R. Schulz, P. Knabner: Derivation and analysis of an effective model for biofilm growth in evolving porous media, 08.03.2016
    fulltext: pr391.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 390: M. Bischoff, J. Jahn: Economic objectives, uncertainties and decision making in the energy sector, 07.10.2015
    fulltext: pr390.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 389: E. Bänsch, A. Brenner: A-posteriori estimates for the rotational pressure-correction projection method, 29.05.2015
    fulltext: pr389.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 388: R. Schulz, N. Ray, F. Frank, H. Mahato, P. Knabner: Strong solvability up to
    clogging of an effective diffusion-precipitation model in an evolving porous medium, 06.02.2015
    fulltext: pr388.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 387: J. Greifenstein, M. Stingl: Simultaneous material and topology optimization, 21.10.2014
    fulltext: pr387.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 386: N. Ray, P. Knabner: Upscaling flow and transport in an evolving porous medium with general interaction potentials, 06.10.2014
    fulltext: pr386.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 385: J. Jahn: Directional derivatives in set optimization with the set less order relation, 08.08.2014
    fulltext: pr385.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 384: M. Gahn, P. Knabner, M. Neuss-Radu: Homogenization of reaction-diffusion processes in a two-component porous medium with a nonlinear flux condition at the interface, and application to metabolic processes in cells, 09.07.2014
    fulltext: pr384.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 383: M. Herz, P. Knabner: A thermodynamically consistent model for multicomponent electrolyte solutions, 02.06.2014
    fulltext: pr383.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 382: M. Herz, P. Knabner: Modeling and simulation of coagulation according to DVLO-theory in a continuum model for electrolyte solutions, 16.05.2014
    fulltext: pr382.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 381: M. Herz, P. Knabner: Global existence of weak solutions of a model for electrolyte solutions – Part 2: Multicomponent case, 16.05.2014
    fulltext: pr381.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 380: M. Herz, P. Knabner: Global existence of weak solutions of a model for electrolyte solutions – Part 1: Two-component case, 16.05.2014
    fulltext: pr380.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 379: O. Krehel, A. Muntean, P. Knabner: Multiscale modeling of colloidal dynamics in porous media: capturing aggregation and deposition effects, 08.05.2014
    fulltext: pr379.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 378: E. Köbis: Variable ordering structures in set optimization, 06.05.2014
    fulltext: pr378.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 377: J. Jahn: A derivative-free descent method in set optimization, 08.04.2014
    fulltext: pr377.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 376: F. Frank, P. Knabner: Convergence analysis of a BDF2 / mixed finite element discretization of a Darcy-Nernst-Planck-Poisson system, 17.01.2014
    fulltext: pr376.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 375: M. Herz, P. Knabner: A thermodynamical consistent model for multicomponent electrolyte solutions, 19.12.2013
    fulltext: pr375.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 374: S. Weller: Variational time discretization for free surface flows, 20.11.2013
    fulltext: pr374.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 373: M. Herz, P. Knabner: Including van der Waals forces in diffusion-convection equations – modeling, analysis, and numerical simulations, 17.10.2013
    fulltext: pr373.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 372: H.S. Mahato, M. Böhm: An existence result for a system of coupled semilinear diffusion-reaction equations with flux boundary conditions, 01.10.2013
    fulltext: pr372.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 371: H.S. Mahato: A homogenization approach to a system of semilinear diffusion-reaction equations in a porous medium, 01.10.2013
    fulltext: pr371.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 370: C. Basting, D. Kuzmin: Optimal control for mass conservative level set methods, 01.10.2013
    fulltext: pr370.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 369: M. Bittl, D. Kuzmin, R. Becker: The CG1-DG2 method for convection-diffusion equations in 2D, 24.09.2013
    fulltext: pr369.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 368: R. Becker, M. Bittl, D. Kuzmin: Analysis of a combined CG1-DG2 method for the transport equation, 12.09.2013
    fulltext: pr368.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 367: S. Basting, S. Weller: Efficient preconditioning of variational time discretization methods for parabolic partial differential equations, 10.09.2013
    fulltext: pr367.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 366: J. Jahn: Vectorization in set optimization, 06.03.2013
    fulltext: pr366.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 365: A.M. Khludnev, G.R. Leugering: On Timoshenko thin elastic inclusions inside elastic bodies, 06.03.2013
    fulltext: pr365.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 364: F. Brunner, F. Radu, P. Knabner: Analysis of an upwind-mixed hybrid finite element method for transport problems, 01.02.2013
    fulltext: pr364.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 363: A.M. Khludnev, G.R. Leugering: Delaminated thin elastic inclusions inside elastic bodies, 25.01.2013
    fulltext: pr363.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 362: S. Basting, R. Prignitz: An interface-fitted subspace projection method for finite element simulations of particulate flows, 18.01.2013
    fulltext: pr362.pdf  (file size: 7.6 MB)


  • Preprint Nr. 361: S. Basting, M. Weismann: A hybrid level set – front tracking finite element approach for fluid-structure interaction and two-phase flow applications, 28.11.2012
    fulltext: pr361.pdf  (file size: 5.7 MB)
  • Preprint Nr. 360: R. Prignitz, E. Bänsch: Particulate flows with the subspace projection method, 30.10.2012
    fulltext: pr360.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 359: M. Herz, N. Ray, P. Knabner: Existence and uniqueness of a global weak solution of a Darcy-Nernst-Planck-Poisson system, 23.10.2012
    fulltext: pr359.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 358: D. Kuzmin: An optimization-based approach to enforcing mass conservation in level set methods, 11.10.2012
    fulltext: pr358.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 357: Ch. Basting, D. Kuzmin: A minimization-based finite element formulation for interface-preserving level set reinitialization, 04.10.2012
    fulltext: pr357.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 356: N. Ray, T. van Noorden, F.A. Radu, W. Friess, P. Knabner: Drug release from
    collagen matrices including an evolving microstructure, 04.10.2012
    fulltext: pr356.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 355: K. Bäumler, E. Bänsch: A subspace projection method for the implementation of interface conditions in a two-phase flow problem, 21.09.2012
    fulltext: pr355.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 354: S. Kräutle: Existence of solutions of reactive transport problems with mass action kinetics and species-dependent diffusion on large time intervals, 20.04.2012
  • Preprint Nr. 353: J. Hoffmann, S. Kräutle, P. Knabner: A general reduction scheme for reactive transport in porous media, 20.04.2012
    fulltext: pr353.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 352: F. Frank , N. Ray , P. Knabner: Numerical investigation of a homogenized Stokes-Nernst-Planck-Poisson problem, 19.04.2012
    fulltext: pr352.pdf  (file size: 5.5 MB)
  • Preprint Nr. 351: N. Ray , T. van Noorden , F. Frank , P. Knabner: Colloid and fluid dynamics in porous media including an evolving microstructure, 05.03.2012
    fulltext: pr351.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 350: Serge Kräutle: Existence of global solutions of multicomponent reactive transport problems with mass action kinetics in porous media, 26.09.2011
    fulltext: pr350.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 349: G. Eichfelder, J. Povh: On the set-semidefinite representation of nonconvex quadratic programs over arbitrary feasible sets, 30.06.2011
    fulltext: pr349.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 348: G. Eichfelder : Cone-valued maps in optimization, 24.06.2011
    fulltext: pr348.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 347: F. Brunner, F. A. Radu, M. Bause, P. Knabner : Optimal order convergence of a modified BDM 1 mixed finite element scheme for reactive transport in porous media, 17.06.2011
    fulltext: pr347.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 346: N. Suciu, S. Attinger, F.A. Radu, C. Vamo , J. Vanderborght, H. Vereecken, P. Knabner: Solute transport in aquifers with evolving scale heterogeneity, 03.06.2011
    fulltext: pr346.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 345: A. Muntean, T. L. Van Noorden: Corrector estimates for the homogenizationof a locally-periodic medium with areas oflow and high diffusivity, 20.4.2011
    fulltext: pr345.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 344: N. Ray, Ch. Eck, A. Muntean, P. Knabner: Variable choices of scaling in the homogenization of a Nernst-Planck-Poisson problem, 17.01.2011
    fulltext: pr344.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 343:T.X.D. Ha, J. Jahn: Properties of Bishop-Phelps cones, 11.01.2011
    fulltext: pr343.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 342: G. Eichfelder , J. Povh: On reformulations of nonconvex quadratic programs over convex cones by set-semidefinite constraints, 09.12.2010
    fulltext: pr342.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 341: J. Jahn, T.X.D. Ha: New order relations in set optimization, 05.07.2010
    fulltext: pr341.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 340: M. Kaiser, K. Klamroth, A. Thekale: Test examples for nonlinear feasibility problems with expensive functions, 21.06.2010
    fulltext: pr340.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 339: F.A. Radu, N. Suciu, J. Hoffmann, A. Vogel, O. Kolditz, C-H. Park , S. Attinger: Accuracy of numerical simulations of contaminant transport in heterogeneous aquifers: a comparative study, 17.06.2010
    fulltext: pr339.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 338: G. Eichfelder , T.X.D. Ha: Optimality conditions for vector optimization problems with variable ordering structures, 31.03.2010
    fulltext: pr338.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 337: E. Marchand: Combined deterministic-stochastic sensitivity analysis; application to uncertainty analysis, 24.03.2010
    fulltext: pr337.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 336: M. Prechtel, P. Leiva Ronda, R. Janisch, A. Hartmaier, G. Leugering, P. Steinmann, M. Stingl: Simulation of fracture in heterogeneous elastic materials with cohesive zone models, 08.03.2010
    fulltext: pr336.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 335: A. M. Khludnev , G. Leugering: Optimal control of cracks in elastic bodies with thin rigid inclusions, 08.03.2010
    fulltext: pr335.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 334: M. Prechtel, G. Leugering, P. Steinmann, M. Stingl: Towards optimization of crack resistance of composite materials by adjustment of fiber shapes, 01.03.2010
    fulltext: pr334.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 333: I. Bomze , G. Eichfelder: Copositivity detection by difference-of-convex decomposition and ω-subdivision, 19.01.2010
    fulltext: pr333.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 332: M. Kaiser, A. Thekale: Solving nonlinear feasibility problems with expensive functions, 11.01.2010
    fulltext: pr332.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 331: B. Schmidt , M. Stingl , D. A. Berry , M. Döllinger: Material parameter optimization in a multi-layered vocal fold mode, 24.11.2009
    fulltext: pr331.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 330: J. Haslinger , G. Leugering , M. Kočvara , M. Stingl: Multidisciplinary free material optimization, 24.11.2009
    fulltext: pr330.pdf (file size: 4.7 MB)
  • Preprint Nr. 329: M. A. Fontelos , G. Grün , S. Jörres: On a phase-field model for electrowetting and other electrokinetic phenomena, 20.11.2009
  • Preprint Nr. 328: G. Eichfelder: Vector Optimization with a variable ordering structure, 27.07.2009
    fulltext: pr328.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 327: A. Khludnev , G. Leugering: On elastic bodies with thin rigid inclusions and cracks, 13.03.2009
    fulltext: pr327.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 326: J. Hoffmann: Results of the GdR MoMaS Reactive Transport Benchmark with RICHY2D, 10.11.2008
    fulltext: pr326.pdf (file size: 6.2 MB)
  • Preprint Nr. 325: J. Jahn: Bishop-Phelps Cones in optimization, 23.07.2008
  • Preprint Nr. 324: N. Suciu , C. Vamoşs , H. Vereecken , K. Sabelfeld , P. Knabner: Dependence on initial conditions, memory effects, and ergodicity of transport in heterogeneous media, 17.03.2008
    fulltext: pr324.pdf


  • Preprint Nr. 323: P. Hastreiter , G. Leugering , O. Museyko: A free-discontinuity problem for the registration of images with incomplete information, 12.12.2007
  • Preprint Nr. 322: C. Hopfgartner , I. Scholz , M. Gugat , G. Leugering , J. Hornegger: Intensity
    based three-dimensional reconstruction with nonlinear optimization, 07.11.2007
    fulltext: pr322.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 321: O. Museyko , G. Leugering , M. Stiglmayr , K. Klamroth: On the application of
    the Monge-Kantorovich problem to image registration, 30.10.2007
  • Preprint Nr. 320: G. Eichfelder: Solving nonlinear multiobjective bilevel optimization problems with coupled upper level constraints, 10.10.2007
    fulltext: pr320.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 319: M. Stingl , M. Kočvara , G. Leugering: Free material optimization with control of the fundamental eigenfrequency, 04.10.2007
    fulltext: pr319.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 318: J. Jahn , E. Schaller: A global solver for multiobjective nonlinear bilevel optimization problems, 14.09.2007
  • Preprint Nr. 317: M. Stingl , M. Kočvara , G. Leugering: A sequential convex semidefinite programming algorithm for multiple-load free material optimization, 10.09.2007
    fulltext: pr317.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 316: G. Eichfelder, J. Jahn: Set-semidefinite optimization, 10.07.2007
  • Preprint Nr. 315: P. Knabner: Open questions and research directions in parameter identification for multicomponent reactive transport in porous media, 02.04.2007
    fulltext: pr315.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 314: M. Bischoff, K. Dächert: Allocation search methods for a generalized class of location-allocation problems, 26.03.2007
    fulltext: pr314.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 313: M. Bischoff, K. Klamroth: Two branch & bound methods for a generalized class of location-allocation problems, 06.03.2007
    fulltext: pr313.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 312: G. Eichfelder: Multiobjective bilevel optimization, 15.01.2007


  • Preprint Nr. 311: G. Eichfelder: Scalarizations for adaptively solving multi-objective optimization problems, 20.12.2006
  • Preprint Nr. 310: J. Gorski , K. Klamroth , S. Ruzika: Connectedness of efficient solutions in multiple objective combinatorial optimization, 23.11.2006
  • Preprint Nr. 309: W. Alt , N. Bräutigam: Discretization of elliptic control problems with time dependent parameters, 08.11.2006
  • Preprint Nr. 308: G. Eichfelder: An adaptive scalarization method in multi-objective optimization, 11.10.2006
  • Preprint Nr. 307: G. Leugering , K. Klamroth , O. V. Museyko , M. Stiglmayr: Image registration: several approaches involving segmentation, 08.05.2006


  • Preprint Nr. 306: S. Kräutle, P. Knabner: A reduction scheme for coupled multicomponent transport-reaction problems in porous media: generalization to problems with heterogeneous equilibrium reactions, 26.07.2005
    fulltext: pr306.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 305: K. Klamroth, Jørgen Tind: Constrained optimization using multiple objective programming, 09.06.2005
  • Preprint Nr. 304: Michael Kočvara, Michael Stingl: On the solution of large-scale SDP problems by the modified barrier method using iterative solvers, 09.02.2005
  • Preprint Nr. 303: J. Jahn: Multiobjective search algorithm with subdivision technique, 06.02.2005


  • Preprint Nr. 302: S. Kräutle , P. Knabner: A new numerical reduction scheme for fully coupled multi-component transport-reaction problems in porous media, 08.12.2004
    fulltext: pr302.pdf
  • Preprint Nr. 301: B. Pfeiffer , K. Klamroth: A unified model for Weber problems with continuous and network distances, 30.03.2004
  • Preprint Nr. 300: M. Kočvara , M. Stingl: Solving nonconvex SDP problems of structural optimization with stability control, 20.02.2004


  • Preprint Nr. 299: M. Kočvara , J.V. Outrata: On the modeling and control of delamination processes, 22.10.2003
  • Preprint Nr. 298: M. Kočvara , J. Outrata: Optimization problems with equilibrium constraints and their numerical solution, 31.01.2003


  • Preprint Nr. 297: M. Kočvara , J. Outrata: Unique reformulation of truss topology design problems, 19.12.2002
  • Preprint Nr. 296: K. Klamroth , J. Tind , S. Zust: Integer programming duality in multiple objective programming, 09.10.2002
  • Preprint Nr. 295: T.X.D. Ha: Ekeland’s variational principle for a set-valued map involving coderivatives, 16.10.2002
  • Preprint Nr. 294: E. Schneid , P. Knabner , F. Radu: A priori estimates for a mixed finite element discretization of the Richards’ equation, 10.10.2002
  • Preprint Nr. 293: I. S. Pop , F. Radu , P. Knabner: Mixed finite elements for the Richards’ equation: linearization procedure, 09.10.2002
  • Preprint Nr. 292: L. Frieß, K. Klamroth, M. Sprau: A wavefront approach to center location problems with barriers, 12.06.2002
  • Preprint Nr. 291: J. Fliege: Gap-free computation of Pareto-points by quadratic scalarizations, 12.06.2002
  • Preprint Nr. 290: Michal Kočvara , Michael Stingl: PENNON – A code for convex nonlinear and semidefinite programming, 13.05.2002
  • Preprint Nr. 289: T.X.D. Ha: Ekeland’s variational principle for a set-valued map studied
    with the set optimization approach, 21.03.2002
  • Preprint Nr. 288: Ch. Eck: Analysis and homogenization of a phase field model for binary mixtures, 31.01.2002


  • Preprint Nr. 287: J. Jarušek, C. Eck: On the solvability of unilateral dynamic frictional contact problems of isotropic viscoelastic bodies in three and more space dimensions, 21.12.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 286: M. Kočvara, M. Stingl: PENNON – A generalized augmented Lagrangian method for semidefinite programming, 05.12.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 285: T.X.D. Ha: Optimal solution for set-valued optimization problems: the set optimization approach, 28.11.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 284: F.A. Radu, M. Bause, P. Knabner, G.W. Lee, W.C. Friess: Modeling of drug release from collagen matrices, 27.11.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 283: S. Bitterlich, P. Knabner: An efficient method for solving an inverse problem for the Richards equation, 22.10.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 282: P. Beremlijski, J. Haslinger, M. Kočvara, J. Outrata: Shape optimization in contact problems with Coulomb friction, 17.09.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 281: U. Kirsch, M. Kočvara, J. Zowe: Accurate reanalysis of structures by a preconditioned conjugate gradient method, 04.09.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 280: P. Knabner, S. Korotov, G. Summ: Conditions for the invertibility of the isoparametric mapping for hexahedral finite elements, 20.04.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 279: H.R.E.M. Hörnlein, M. Kočvara, R. Werner: MOPED – An integrated designer tool for material optimization, 27.03.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 278: Ch. Eck, P. Knabner, S. Korotov: A two-scale method for the computation of solid-liquid phase transitions with dendritic microstructure, 19.03.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 277: M. Bause, P. Knabner: Uniform error analysis for Lagrange-Galerkin approximations of convection-dominated problems, 12.03.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 276: M. Bause, J. Heywood, A. Novotny, M. Padula: An iterative scheme for steady compressible viscous flow, modified to treat large potential forces, 07.03.2001
  • Preprint Nr. 275: M. Bause: On optimum convergence rates for higher order Navier–Stokes approximations. Part I: Error estimates for the spatial discretization, 24.01.2001


  • Preprint Nr. 274: W. Achtziger: Design optimization of structural topology with changing index sets of constraints, 14.09.2000
  • Preprint Nr. 273: J. Jarušek: Solvability of a nonlinear thermo–viscoelastic contact problem with small friction and general growth of the heat energy, 13.09.2000
  • Preprint Nr. 272: J. Jahn, A. Khan: Derivative rules for contingent epiderivatives, 13.09.2000
  • Preprint Nr. 271: Ch. Eck: Existence of solutions to a thermo–viscoelastic contact problem with Coulomb friction and heat radiation, 25.07.2000
  • Preprint Nr. 270: M. Bause, P. Knabner: Uniform error analysis for Lagrange–Galerkin approximations of convection-dominated diffusion problems. Part II: Time discretization for rough initial values, error estimates for the spatial discretization and numerical results, 06.07.2000
  • Preprint Nr. 269: A. Prechtel, P. Knabner, E. Schneid, K.U. Totsche: Simulation of carrier facilitated transport of Phenanthrene in a multilayer soil column, 03.07.2000
  • Preprint Nr. 268: E. Schneid, A. Prechtel, P. Knabner: A comprehensive tool for the simulation of complex reactive transport and flow in soils, 03.07.2000
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