Kalender Department Mathematik

Tue, 16.01.2018, 16:30
Scattering Theory for Markov Processes an Interplay between Classical and Quantum Probability

Referent: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Kümmerer, TU Darmstadt
Veranstalter: Karl-Hermann Neeb
Raum: Hörsaal H13

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Wed, 17.01.2018, 14:15

Raum: 01.382

Thu, 18.01.2018, 14:15
Bi-measure trees and the pruning process
AG Stochastik und Dynamische Systeme

Referent: Gabriel Berzunza-Ojeda
Veranstalter: A.Greven
Raum: H13

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Thu, 18.01.2018, 16:15

Thu, 18.01.2018, 18:00
Scattering invariants in the Euler three body problem
AG Mathematische Physik

Referent: Nikolay Martynchuk (Groningen)
Veranstalter: AG Mathematische Physik
Raum: U1

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Fri, 19.01.2018, 14:30

Fri, 19.01.2018, 15:30
Combinatorics of canonical bases and cluster duality

Referent: Bea Schumann
Veranstalter: Knop
Raum: SR 04.363

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