Oliver Schnetz

PD Dr. Oliver Schnetz

Department Mathematik
Lehrstuhl für Mathematik (Algebra und Geometrie) (Prof. Dr. Knop)

Raum: Raum 01.317
Cauerstraße 11
91058 Erlangen

are Maple procedures to handle single-valued hyperlogarithms on the punctured complex plane. Main applications are calculations in Quantum Field Theory, in particular in phi^3 and phi^4 theory. The Maple package contains seven and eight loop results for dimensionally renormalized O(n) symmetric phi^4 theory in the minimum subtraction scheme and the six loop result for phi^3 in six dimensions. The latest version is 0.7, June 26, 2023 (size: 4.0 GB). The  small version of HyperlogProcedures
has reduced functionality but contains most of the data files (size 253 MB).


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