• Diploma thesis: Unordnung im free-fermion-Fall des 8-Vertex-Modells, Universität Bonn (1995)
  • Ph.D. thesis: Statistische Physik stochastischer Parkettierungen, Universität Tübingen (1999)
  • Habilitation thesis: Combinatorial Structures in Statistical Physics and Theoretical Solid State Physics, Universität Greifswald (2003)

Research interests:

My mathematical research is inspired by problems of statistical physics such as phase transitions, entropy and diffraction of non-periodic structures. My major fields of interest are the mathematical theory of aperiodic order (model sets and tilings) and exactly solvable models (polymer models and spin systems). Mathematical methods include enumerative combinatorics, asymptotic analysis, dynamical systems, ergodic theory and probability theory.

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preprint Poisson summation and pure point diffraction (with N. Strungau)


Publications in CRIS

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg