Poröse Medien Gruppe

Research Group Porous Media

Our research areas span the range from the rigorous development and upscaling of models in form of systems of nonlinear time-dependent partial differential equations to their accurate discretization by mixed finite element or DG methods finally leading to our proprietory software tools. These in particular lay the foundation for our interdisciplinary contributions to the geosciences (geohydrology, oceanography, …). The applications we deal with include subsurface and surface flows and, possibly fully coupled with the fluid flow, reactive multicomponent transport of solutes. In the mathematical community, these problems are often called “flow and reactive transport in porous media”, but our research goes considerably beyond such model problems. Keywords for (performed) simulations are natural attenuation of contaminants, CO2-sequestration, geophysical free surface flows,… Recently we started a parallel line of research concerning problems from (cell or synthetic) biology, where similar processes — although at a different spatial scale — play an important role. Former head of the group was Prof. Dr. Peter Knabner.

List of projects

Multicomponent reactive transport in natural porous media
Multiscale reactive transport problems in life sciences
Geophysical free surface flows
Multiphase flow in natural porous media
Emergence in natural porous media
Stochastic modeling of transport processes in porous media
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