Copenhagen, October 2019: Flat bands of edge states via index theory of Toeplitz operators with Besov symbols, Flatbands.pdf

SISSA Lectures, September 2019, LectureSeriesSISSA.pdf

Lecture series in Freudenstadt, GK1838, Feb. 2017: Topological insulators from the perspective of non-commutative geometry and index theory, LectureSeries.pdf

Talk in Erlangen, Jan 2017: Finite volume calculation of K-theory invariants, lecture, ChernCalc2.pdf

Talk at Solid Math in Aarhus, May. 2016: Spectral flow for skew-adjoint Fredholm operators, SpecFlow_2016.pdf

Talk in the ZMP colloquium in Hamburg, Dec. 2015: Topological Insulators: From K-Theory to Physics link, ZMP_Hamburg.pdf

Talk in Meeting at the occasion of the 70th birthday of Italo Guarneri, in Parma, June 2015: Anderson localization inhibited by topology, GuarneriConf.pdf

Talk at Mittag-Leffler and ESI Wien, June 2015: Index pairings with symmetries and applications to topological insulators, ML_ESI2015.pdf

Kolloquium Erlangen, July 2014: Fritz Noether’s Indextheorie von 1921 bis heute , NoetherIndex.pdf

Talk in Bochum, Trieste, Marseille, June 2014: Invariants of disordered topological insulators,  Bochum2014.pdf

Talk at Avron Fest, Jerusalem, June 2013: Invariants for J-unitaries on Real Krein spaces and the classification of transfer operators, AvronFestSchuba.pdf

Talk at Pastur Fest, Hagen, May 2013: The density of surface states  as the total time delay,  PasturFest2013.pdf

Talk at DMV-Meeting Saarbruecken, July 2012: Gaussian fluctuations for random matrices with correlated entries, DMVSaar2012.pdf

Kolloquium Erlangen, July 2012: Entropieproduktionsraten der Boltzmann Gleichung
(Arbeiten des Fields-Medaillisten Villani), KolloquiumVillani.pdf

Talk at Workshop in Bordeaux, Gdansk, 2012: The random phase property and the Lyapunov spectrum, talkbordeaux.pdf

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg